Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is Money Evil?

Looking through the window of our office, I saw some black birds flying around the company building. I appreciated their beauty and gazed at them for a while. I found them sweet, and imagined they are singing for me. Then one of my officemates commented, “Nakakatakot yung mga ibon, ano? Parang pang horror sila.” (Those birds are creepy, aren’t they? Just like in horror movies.) I was shocked upon hearing him! I was surprised to know how negative his thoughts about the lovely birds were.

I believe that every one of us has different opinions. I believe that each person forms thought in different ways. We interpret what our eyes see differently, just like me and my officemate upon seeing the black birds.

When it comes to money, people have different views and opinions too. Some might see money as "creepy creatures" believing that they may go bad when they have lots of money. Some might see money as blessings and aspire to have much so they could give more.

Some might find it uninteresting to have lots of money and become rich. Some might want to be rich so they can buy anything they wish for.

Do you believe that money is evil?

They say that money is the root of all evil. Perhaps true. Most crimes today (even in the histories) are connected with money – robbery, kidnap, hold-up. But is it really the money that makes the world go worse? 

Think this. 

Man robs because he needs money. Gang kidnaps a businessman’s son because they need money. People commit crime because they need money. They need money because they lack money.

Brother Bo Sanchez said that the lack of money is the root of all evil. 

This belief is better than the old one. If only all people have enough money, they might not commit those crimes.

I personally believe that money is not really evil. It’s the wrong action that makes the money evil.

Do you believe money is good?

If money isn’t evil, then does it mean money is good?

I believe that money just reflect its owner. We cannot really conclude that money is evil or an angel.

Let me give you some scenarios.

A good man wants to give big amount of cash for his new ministry so he cheated on his taxes. Do you think this makes money good? Absolutely not! He has a good purpose, but his way of earning the money for his ministry is bad.

A young guy is working diligently to earn hot cash. He is honest on his job. He was inspired to earn more because he wanted to join his friends on night clubs, which his friends describe as “heaven”. He had a decent way of earning extra money, but his purpose was bad. That wouldn’t make money good either.

Money will only be good if only it is used for good things, and is earned in a decent way.

Good purpose + decent way of earning = good money

Do you believe that money can buy love?

Money can’t buy true love, but money can deepen your love to someone. 

That’s my opinion.

Truly, two persons that love each other will make it through thick and thin. They can live with or without money. But I believe that if you have more money, you can enjoy life better with each other’s company. 

With the money you have, you can travel around the globe, cruise the seven lovely seas, or have a romantic dinner in an exclusive yacht. Those I mentioned are just earthly things you can do with your loved ones, but you are doing those because your purpose is love.

Oh, love is not just limited to couples. 

You can also show your love to other people through money by means of sharing. You can treat your family on a Boracay trip where you can have bonding and will deepen your love for each other. You may also throw party or attend an expensive concert of your favorite band with your best friends so you can share moment together and will make your friendship stronger.

Or the best, you can share your money to the poor, finance their education and help them stand on their own.

Money cannot buy love, but it can help you express your love.

What is your reason why you need money?

Is your reason good? 

Is your reason love?

I am sure that you have your personal reasons why you want to become rich. I believe that behind your desire of becoming rich are the people you love, and they are your inspiration why you get up each morning to strive for a better life.

If your reason of becoming rich is your family, then go for it! Don’t let anyone or anything steal your love for them!

Always keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with dreaming of becoming rich if you have a good purpose and a good way of achieving that dream!

I was inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez' team and was able to change my mindset about money.

May you become truly rich so you can spread more love to others!


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