Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Parents, Teach your Kids on Finances While They are Young

Robert Kiyosaki, world renowned author is giving away free E-books, now he is giving away from the Rich Dad Series, the 
Rich Kid, Smart Kid. :) We Filipinos need to be in pace with the current information age as the industrial age is now an obselete age.

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In the Information Age, a good education is more important than ever. But
the current educational system may not be providing all the information
your child needs. This book was designed to fill in the gaps: to help you
give your child the same inspiring and practical financial knowledge that
Robert Kiyosaki's rich dad gave him. Rich Dad's Rich Kid will show you how
to awaken your child's love of learning using the same methods that
Robert's smart dad used to help Robert stay in school, even though he had
bad grades and often wanted to drop out. And Rich Dad's Rich Kid will open
doors that you never knew existed, enabling you to pass down the skills and
understanding your child will use for the rest of his
or her life.

We are also recommending you to attend the FREE Financial Coaching Seminar by the Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Makers-IMG in Makati, you learn many concepts such as the Rule of 72, X- Curve Concept, 6 Steps to Financial Security.

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Experience abundance!

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