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7 Tips on How to Maximize your Budget this Season

Christmas day is coming! Of course, everyone wish to celebrate the birth of Jesus with happiness and grace! So how will you budget for the coming of this season? :)

Take note that you don't need to have too much money (but good if you have plenty!) to enjoy this season. It's a matter of how you plan and budget so you can maximize your resources and have more fun!!!

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Let me share with you some tips for your budget this season! :)

1. Birthday gift to Jesus

I have learned this abundance formula from Bro. Bo: 10-20-70.
That means, you separate 10% of your monthly income and give it back to God. I know that most of us receive our 13th month pay and/or Christmas bonus. I encourage you all to give the 10% as your birthday gift to Jesus :) After all, He is the reason for this beautiful season!

2. Make a list of Christmas presents

It is one of the Philippine's cultures to give gifts during this Season, especially for their inaanak (godchild). Aside from gifts to your godchildren, you may also wish to give gifts to your family and friends, if you have extra money for it.

I suggest that before you go shopping, prepare a list of the people you will be buying gifts for. This will also make you shop faster, without forgetting anything. 

3. Know what gift to buy

Most people, especially kids, don't look at the price of the gifts they receive. Kids often appreciate gifts that they love to play with. So if possible (especially if you have limited budget), do some research about what the kid wants to receive. You can ask your kumare or kumpare (parents of your godchild) what your inaanak love.

You may have bought an expensive walking Elsa (of Frozen) doll, but your inaanak seems to like Anna. 

4. Shop earlier

If you already have the money, better go shopping for the gifts while people are not yet rushing. Divisoria in Manila is one of the best place to shop because of its affordable price. You just need to find a good quality. But as the season approaches, more people will be rushing on the place. So if possible, shop earlier so you can avoid the season's rush. 

In addition to that, most Divisoria vendors are most likely to give discounts at the month of October up to November than in the month of December, when the demand is greater during the passed 2 months.

5. Check stores where you can buy cheaper yet interesting gifts

Nowadays, most stores have websites or Facebook page. You can also check their gift prices, and compare them with other online outlets. 

Big malls such as SM and Robinsons also declares 3-day-sale. You can find good gifts at lower prices during those days. You may check their schedules online.

6. Try to visit Christmas Bazaars

Christmas bazaars open only during the Season (obviously!). Bazaars have different schedules and venues, so better check online first. Bazaars have cool items, and most even come at cheap prices.

7. Use discount coupons and gift checks

Companies, especially those with memberships, often give discount coupons, holiday promos and gift certificate to their regular customers. Some people don't value much these incentives. If you receive these, be grateful! :) I often receive coupons from restaurants. Coupons that will give you freebies when you buy a certain amount, and it feels good to have some freebies!! :)

Well, that's how I maximize my not-so-big budget :P
I hope I helped you make your own budget too :)

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