Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Thank You Notebook" for Abundance Mindset

Few months ago, we attended a seminar of Miss Sha Nacino, a great young motivational speaker. What captured me most from her seminar is what she calls the "Thank You Notebook". She told us to take note of the blessings, may it be big or small, that we receive.

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I followed her advice. For several months now I have been writing on my Thank You Notebook, and here are what I learned from doing it:

If we're not grateful, negative vibes might get on our way

From the moment we wake up, we are already been blessed. But most of the time, we never felt grateful to every single gift we receive from God. When we fail to see the beauty of life, we tend to have low esteem that attracts all the negative vibes in the world!

If we become grateful, we attract more blessings!

I bet you don't want bad vibes on your life, do you? If we want to magnetize more blessings, we must always appreciate every thing God give us. Having a Thank You Notebook is a way of appreciating and remembering every single blessing you have. 

If we remember the blessings we receive, we will be inspired to keep going on our lives!

My Thank You Notebook serves as my record of God's blessings. I realized how blessed I am as my record goes on and on! And because of that, I get more inspired each day. I get excited to receive more blessings! I look forward to more "records" to be written on my Thank You Notebook! :)

How about you? What are the things you need to be thankful for?

Life is soooo ABUNDANT! Go get your notebook now and start writing down the blessings you have! :)

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This might be an entry to your Thank You Notebook! :)


  1. Hi Emmarie,

    Nice post. Glad you're writing on your Thank You notebook. God bless you! :)


    1. Thank you for inspiring us, Miss Sha! :) Hope we can work with you in the future! :) God bless!

      - C&E