Saturday, January 10, 2015

Compute how Money doubles ala Albert Einstein!

Years ago I was scammed.

Yes, I invested in a company where if I will just invest my money it will grow rapidly in just 3 days!

TURN YOUR Php699 into Php5,000 in 3DAYS! WOW!! 

My online account also has a countdown ticker and money ticker of how much I am earning as the time nears to end the 3day period. :drool:

I opened 4 accounts so that I will turn my Php2,400 of hard earned money from online jobs into Php20,000 in 3 DAYS! I invested so that I will have money to support for my upcoming licensure exam.

To make the story short, in just one month the company closed with my hard money.
I was scammed. I am financially illiterate. I am a money-dumb. Once.

But that is not the end of the story in just a week I invested again in another company where this time it will turn my Php600 into Php3000. Again, I was scammed!! Not once but twice!

From that day on, I told to myself that I need to be cautious, study well, seek mentors and apply my learnings in my future investments.

Until one day when I was already an engineer, I attended several seminars until I discovered a simple but powerful formula from one of the seminars.
It is invented by Albert Einstein, one of the great scientists of human race.

The RULE OF 72.

It is a very simple tool where we will just divide the interest rate to 72 and we will get the number of years our money will double. Here, we are talking of years not days!

Let’s have a sample computation. Let’s do the math!

Time Deposit: 1% interest rate, we got 72%/1% = 72 years
Savings account: 0.25% interest rate, we got 72%/.25%=288 years

The bank gave me this rates where it will took me years against those crappy companies that promised days that not just doubles my money.

Okay what if we have investment vehicles that will give us higher interest rates? What we will get?
Let’s do the math for a 29 year old who got Php100,000.

Are you shocked?

The difference between 4% and 12% is really big one. If we just know how and invested correctly we can avoid those scammy, crappy companies and avoid scams. If we know formulas like these we can achieve our financial goals.

If we want to retire comfortably and thank our young once self, we should start studying and investing the right way by knowing concepts such as the RULE OF 72.

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I hope this article gave you a new insight in your investing and your personal finance.

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for your abundance,

Charlon Elaurza, RCE

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