Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Do I Invest in Stock Market and MF Like Eating a Piece of Cake!!

How Do I Automatically Invest in the Stock Market and Mutual Funds like eating a piece of cake.

The stock market and mutual funds has raised a lot, and it is a great tool for building wealth.
And the Philippines this 2015 in terms of economy is in demographic sweet spot, so we should not delay investing.

In this article I will share to you how I automatically invest in the stock market and mutual funds LIKE EATING A PIECE OF CAKE.

But before anything else, let me share some basic steps before we enter the tides of stock market and mutual funds. Let us first study the basics of investing.

The following concepts are very essential when it comes to financial security.

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The following are the 6 STEPS TO FINANCIAL SECURITY.

1.   Increase Cashflow – When it comes to finances, cash flow is the most essential part to attain security. It is simple, no cash flow, no money to sustain our living and luxuries, and most of all no investments. Here are some ways where I increase my cashflow.I am distributing online marketing courses,and affiliate marketing . ✔✔

2.   Manage debt – How will we invest if we have debts? Manage and eliminate debts first before jumping to investments. ✔✔

3.   Create emergency funds – It is good to build at least 3-6 months of our monthly income to provide during emergencies.

1.   Ensure protection – We must protect ourselves first before investing, we should have our life insurance (depends on your profile), healthcare (short-term and long-term) to have a solid foundation before investing as these tools will protect us from asset losses. ✔✔

2.   Build long term savings – And finally we should ride on different investments vehicles that can beat inflation and give higher returns like the Mutual funds, uitf, and stock market.

Now, let me discuss to you how I automatically invest in the stock market.

First, I schedule billing payments with my online banking account to transfer funds to my online stocks broker.

Then secondly,
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Then I schedule when to buy the stocks, 

And cha ching, let it grow, until it hits my target price and sell it. Oh yeah!

Same with my mutual funds, from my profits in my businesses, distributing online marketing courses, affiliate marketing, and other income streams .I got my online banking account scheduled which automatically transfers funds to buy shares for my mutual fund accounts. Chaching!

1.   Preserve estate – And lastly, right estate planning and investment strategy is also needed to achieve financial security.

I hope you learn something from this article, let us invest worry free, like eating a piece of cake.

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for your abundance,

Charlon Elaurza, RCE

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