Thursday, January 1, 2015

How Did I Manage My Money While I'm in Japan

Japan Japan!

Last September to November of 2014 I was dispatched in Japan by my company to take training as a bridge design engineer. In this article I will share to you how did I budget my allowance and still manage to invest my money.

The image below will show you how did I budget my allowance. I separate my money into 5 envelopes and stick to it as my budget for my whole stay in J-pan.


First I allotted 10% for my tithes, it is always great to give back to the Lord.

After that I automatically save 20% for my investment.

Remember the 10-20-70 rule? It is the abundance formula where we budget our money to 3 baskets.

One basket is for tithes which is 10%, 
one for our future which is 20% directly to investments which I put in insurance, emergency, long-term healthcare, stock market, mutual funds. If you want to invest in stocks CLICK HERE✔✔.

Then the remaining 70% is for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor which I also divide into smaller baskets.
The breakdown of my 70% is as follows.

Then 40% for my own needs, my allowance is quite big.

15% is allotted for pasalubongs, I take home chocolates, shoes, and many more.

15% for pang gala! Yahoo! Exploring is one my passion. Soon I will share to you some of my photos in Japan. I lost the my panggala envelope, buti na lang naipanggala ko na! 

You can also have your own variation in budgeting just don't forget the abundance formula.

I hope this article help you and gave you some ideas on how to manage your money. 

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Committed for your abundance,

Charlon Elaurza, RCE

Founder and Owner


  1. Great!

    Congratulations for coming up with this idea Engr. Charlon Elaurza! :-) I am happy for you kapatid.

    Truly indeed the IMG Truly Rich Maker Club is of great help towards managing and enjoying the abundance of blessings the Year 2015 may bring to you and your family. It has something to do with good Stewardship mentality. It's a good reminder for everyone. Everything that we have is a gift from God. We have to manage it well and "live simply so that others may also live". Let me access again this formula and enjoy life in abundance too. But praying that with the overflowing blessings that we will receive from God, we will never forget to share them to our less fortunate brothers and sisters that includes sensitivity to their needs and sharing with them the prosperity mind-set formula along with providing opportunities on how to alleviate them from poverty for sustainable human development :-)

    More power and God bless.

  2. Thank you very much po Ate Chelsa! May God bless you more also! Happy New Year!