Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ideas and Inspirations for Graduating Students!

It's March again! The usual month for graduation! 

If you're one of the graduating students, and you're reading our articles, I want to congratulate you! Congratulations for finishing your studies! Also, Congratulations for taking your time to learn about finances!

If you're one of the employees who are already working, I also congratulate you! I believe that you know that we need to learn more about how to handle our finances (which is not taught in schools).

I believe that all of us wants to achieve financial freedom. In our journey towards financial freedom, we will face obstacles such as

negative (and sometimes insecure) people that will always bring us down...

too much work loads that get the most of our time...

our friends that will influence us to spend more...

news that make us feel devastated each day...

...and many more!

As I continue my journey, I realized that for me to finish strong, I need to stick with these two "I":


Bro. Bo Sanchez said in one of his financial talks, "I believe God has blessed us with so much wealth. In fact, millions have passed through your hands already."

Yes, I agree that there are too much wealth waiting for the right person. Abundance is just waiting for us! We just need to figure out 'how' to get wealth (in a good way). We just need IDEAS to increase our cash flow! Acquire great IDEAS!

✔ Read books and blogs about business and finances

✔ Read and observe lifestyle of successful people

✔ Get a mentor

✔ Surround yourself with optimistic people that has the same vision as yours

Sometimes, you may have too many ideas, but will lack the drive to go on with your financial goals. INSPIRATIONS will give you this driving force!

Inspirations will answer the question, "Why do you want to achieve financial freedom?"

❤ Provide comfort to family and loved ones

❤ Family vacations

❤ Education for kids

❤ Donate to church

❤ Help more people

IDEAS will make you see the good "vehicles" that will help you reach you destination: your financial freedom. INSPIRATIONS is like your fuel for those vehicles!

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Emmarie Cabarles, ME

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