Friday, May 8, 2015

A Moment with the Money Doctor

A moment with the money doctor
Ever imagined what a doctor can do to us?
They can help us cure our illness.

They give good advises, and also they are great friends.
But what if I tell you that I met another doctor?
A money doctor,
a financial doctor that can help us heal our finances,

a doctor that can help us be financially fit?

Meet Doc Jaime Lorenzo Jr, a medical doctor by profession but also a money doctor and a businessman. He is one of the Executive Vice Chairman of IMG- International Marketing Group, one of the leading companies in financial distribution service. 

One of the the best advices he gave to me in business and finance that no matter what happen we should maintain the friendship with our friends and clients whatever the outcome of the deals.

In IMG, people are being taught on how to handle their finances, one the concepts that being taught is the 6 Steps to Financial Security and investments to mutual funds and stocks.

IMG is a company where the admins of this blog were also currently affiliated. The company is in strategic partnership with the leading brands in financial service industry.

Another great advice from him,
"Start saving and investing early, build a business, 10 years from now you will be at ease in your finances. Yung mga kasabayan mo working hard pa din for money. Ikaw secure na financially."

Charlon, one of the admins of this blog and the money doctor, Dr. Jaime.

That's all for now guys! Experience abudance!!

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for your abundance,

Charlon Elaurza, RCE

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