Sunday, May 24, 2015

Be Ready to be Joyful for Another Working Week!

Tomorrow is Monday again! :) Are you excited?
I know if you're an employee, this might sound crazy for you! "Why would you have to be excited for Monday?", you might think.

But do you know that we spent about 60% of our waking hours at work? We all have 24 hours. Say you sleep for 8 hours, and the remaining 16 hours is spent on your work (usually 8 to 9 hours), eating, bathing, and travelling to your work

 If you hate your job, that means you are spending 60% of your waking time in misery! That's insane! Why not enjoy your working time? I recently read Bro. Jon Escolto's How to Find Extraordinary Joy @ Work. His book boils down into three ways on how to find joy in your work place.

1. Report to your original Boss: GOD

This is the best way to be truly happy! Find your way to talk to Him: pray to Him on the altar, or even in the cubicle where you can be alone with Him. Report everything to God, and He will help you do your actions! You can find peace when you talk to Him.

2. Have a good chat with your officemates during break time

Some people are comfortable with chatting, while some are not. It's not important on how many friends you have, as long as you have a sincere relationship with them. Find an officemate that you can talk to, and that would be a comforting experience.

3. Discover and share joy to others.

You would not discover joy in your life unless you share it with others. When you became happy for others, there will be no space for jealousy and bitterness in your heart. When you are happy for the people around you, that's the real joy in your job that you can have!

I have learned these principles from the book of Bro. Jon Escolto, a Feast Builder and Bro. Bo's friend as well.

Have a joyful Monday, everyone!

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