Friday, May 1, 2015

What's Pacman's Secret to Success?

Will everyone agree with me if I say that Manny Pacquiao is now the world's most successful boxer? :) Well, I believe he is! 

But in spite of his success today, have you ever wondered how did he made it to be the champion? Manny, since he entered the world of boxing, has spent most of his time wearing his gloves and practicing his punches. He had been consistent in his work-out. He had been hardworking and dedicated on every fight he had. He had been passionate on what he was doing every time he enters the ring.

As I recall the life story of Manny, I realized that he is successful because he has these three PLUS ONE characteristics: 
He is a DREAMER,
He is FOCUSED; and 
PLUS he is a strong believer of CHRIST!

Manny's success all started with a DREAM. Came from an ordinary family, Pacman once said, "I wanted to be a world champion." 

He had envisioned his future. He had seen himself as a world boxer champion.

And with this dream he had, he focused on his training. 

Yes, he lose some of his fights. But why did he not given up? It's because he has FOCUS on his vision! No matter what happens, his focus is on his vision as the "world champion".

He had dream. He focus on his training. And he did his training everyday! He made it a habit. He has implanted on his heart to be a champion.

Importantly, Manny is COACHABLE. He has a mentor! He has Freddie Roach as his coach, who constantly push him up to reach his dreams! 

However, being a dreamer, focused and coachable is nothing at all if you do not have that one thing: BIG FAITH IN CHRIST.

Manny (as I do) believe that everything comes from Him - his dream, his focus, his ability, his strength.

That's what I love most with Manny Pacquiao. He fight all for the glory of God.

Just like our Pambansang Kamao, you and I have got to have DREAM! To be successful, we must start dreaming! Once we got the dream, we must FOCUS ourselves on reaching that dream. 

And I believe that having a mentor is a big part of anyone's success. Go get a Freddie Roach in your life now! Find a mentor that can help you get closer to your dreams! And live your life in FAITH! :)

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For your abundance,

Emmarie, ME
Charlon, CE

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