Sunday, June 7, 2015

An Inspiring Moment with the Happy Retiree!

Every one has a dream.
And one of them is to retire gracefully and gloriously.
Retirement is a long haul process.
We shall prepare for it and enjoy the journey towards.
What if I told you that I met a retiree.
Not just a retiree but a happy retiree. 


Meet Tito Johny, 

a Tito, a Daddy, a Lolo in our financial literacy advocacy community.

He's been in banking industry for over 40 years retiring as a bank manager.

A man with a genuine smile and enjoys giving advice and fatherly wisdom to the young ones. 

In his aura you will see happiness, contentment, relaxed, rested, smiling and carefree soul.

The writer of this article with Tito Johnny and his grandson Choi, an entrepereneur kid

Let me share to you the his sharing on how he gloriously achieved being a happy retiree.

"Retirement is far of the moment decision." he expressed to me as I asked him about retirement.

"Retirement planning is a long process because you have to be prepared emotionally, physically, and most of all financially." he added calmly and joyfully.

On finances:

"When you retire that is already a thing of the past, the thing is how will you survive if you don't prepare financially. You should prepare in long process, and all throughout you should be planting so when retirement comes that is time you will harvest, you will reap, what you have planted." he continued

"It is not a pechay, it is some kind of a mango tree. Matagal but when it starts to bear fruit, it will bear fruit for centuries." nailing it with a great smile.

On physical:

"You have to be prepared physically." he said, " you should enjoy your retirement. And you should enjoy the fruits of your labor. Because when you are not physically fit , you retirement money will be channeled to your medical bills." he wonderfully added

"You should be attuned to the changing times that you can do if you have really prepared. Dito din papasok yung compounding interest , because your healthy habits today will bear fruits when you grow old."

"Now, I am in the peak of my health. Even before, I live a Spartan life. Exercise, simple food, healthy foods." he joyfully shared.

On emotional:

"You should be prepared emotionally, because normally you will not be longer in the mainstream. There will be a change in environment, if you had not created a mindset that you will be going in that environment, there will be a disturbance in you." he keep on sharing passionately.

"So you have to be prepared, even me I prepared for it a long time. I keep on telling myself that I should be there. Parang probinsyano ka suddenly nasa Manila ka, there is some kind of a culture shock. While I was still in the province I was visualizing I will be in Manila, I will be in the big city. When I am in the big city I am visualizing that I will be in LA. I will be in big cities! And I keep on visiting them now. Because I have the mindset, I invite the mindset." the Bicolano laughed in amazement of his great journey

And most of all:

"And you should be spiritually prepared, your soul should be indicated because you might have the trappings of a wealthy man if your soul, if your spirit is aching, is not well. Then, you will not be happy, somethings is missing. Even then, even before, I am preparing myself to give more to my spiritual life."

"It is not an overnight sensation, that suddenly you will ask yourself why am I here."

"It is a journey, because one day you will be there, you will arrive in your destination. At a destination you want to. I keep working on it even I am still young."

"Retirement is a happy state. Happy environment. I was able to balance my life." his eyes widened happily.

"On my investments, whatever I receive after I give to God I reinvest i, so it will grow more. For my family to enjoy the fruits of my investments. We travel, yearly we travel as a family. charged to me, that's make me happy." he burst in laughed.

Right now, Tito Johnny enjoys teaching fellow Filipinos the importance of retirement planning, together with him we teach financial literacy in our community of Truly Rich Makers.
Me and Tito Johnny together with Tito Benj (founder of Truly Rich Makers, on my left) with Kuya Kiko (financial missionary from Rizal)

Right now he is serving his retirement years as financial coach and senior marketing director in International Marketing Group, where he happily give values and teaches the importance of financial management. His hashtag #usaptayo.

That's all for now folks, I hope Tito Juan "Johnny" Calisin Jr. inspire you as I am greatly. Let us be happy retirees. :)

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for your abundance,

Charlon Elaurza, RCE
Financial Coach, Truly Rich Makers
Marketing Director, International Marketing Group

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