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I'm just sharing to you one of the experiences that I learned from the sharings and talks  in conference I attended yesterday G-School 2 of International Marketing Group where I am also affiliated at Asian Institute of Management in Paseo de Roxas, Makati. Seat back and enjoy.

Let the ball roll.
There's a man, an investment savvy and wealth teacher having a conversation with his banker friends.
He confronted them saying, "Nakakatulog ba kayo sa gabi, you let the people invest in 1% interest?". "Magkaiba ba ang kulay ng mayaman ta mahirap? Magkaiba ba ang pera nila? You let the rich invest in higher interest rates, and the poor at 1%" he furiuosly added.   
Mr. Joen delas Penas and writer of this article Engr. Charlon

His banker friends  replied, " Hindi namin kasalanan na nag iinvest sila sa 1%, ang alam lang ng tao is 1%, kasi ang nakalagay sa mga karatula namin is 1%.
"KASALANAN MO YAN KASI 'DI MO SILA TINURUAN, trabaho mo yan din namin trabaho yan." 

From then on this man is unstoppable in doing his mission to educate people in handling their finances and growing their money the right way. Friends, his name is Joen delas Penas the big guy in the left of the picture and on the right is the awesome looking man, the publisher of this blog (ehem).

This noble man is very humble, loving and very helpful in sharing his wisdom in finance and investments. He is the founder and president of International Marketing Group. A company and community of Filipinos that help AVERAGE and even the poor to learn how to grow their hard earned money. (yes this community is existing!) He believes that with RIGHT INFORMATION everyone will be wealthy.

And I am blessed to say that I am with him in this mission, sharing financial concepts and knowledge to our fellow Pinoys on how to save and invest, the RIGHT WAY. I'm happy to say that I can help my friends and other people to be financially sound. It's just a matter of decision for this people if they will apply the concepts that we shared to them.

How do we share it to them?

We'll, it's simple my friend, our community in IMG, especially our group the Truly Rich Makers offer FREE Personal Financial Coaching and Financial Literacy Seminars

In this financial talk, you will not just learn HOW TO SAVE MONEY,  YOU WILL ALSO LEARN TO SAVE YOUR FUTURE.

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By the way, I hope I inspire you in reading my article. :)

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Charlon Elaurza, RCE
Financial Coach, Truly Rich Makers
Marketing Director, International Marketing Group

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