Saturday, October 10, 2015

3 Helpful Things that We Can Do to Our 13th Month Pay and Bonuses

Are you very very excited with your 13th month pay and bonuses?

Probably, the list of things to buy and to do is now being aligned in your head.
The bucket lists for the family, gadgets, Christmas menu are being set!

Exciting isn't it?

Our bonus is used to spend and to bless our loved ones.
Doing these things gives us great satisfaction, a feeling of being more blessed
and contentment with ourselves.

After the Yuletide season, do we still  money left in our payroll account?
We will go back to our usual routine of working hard, rendering overtime, and
braving the traffic and wait again next year for our salary bonuses.
Can we imagine ourselves all our life?
I think we Pinoys should change our habits!

Here are the things that we can do to our bonuses:

1. Consolidate and eliminate any existing debts.

If you have any debts, eliminate them. That's what I do last year when I got my 13th pay.
Yes I have my debt to support my licensure examination review, as I shared in this
blog that my money for review registration was scammed.
If you have existing credit cards or loans better to consolidate/eliminate them.

Masarap mag-celebrate, pero mas masarap matulog ng walang utang. :)

2. Build emergency fund!

Start saving for the rainy season! The rule for emergency fund is to build at least 3-6 monthsof our monthly income. Most people only have emergency, not fund. Hahaha! Funny but true!
Gradually we should start saving for our emergency funds. So that when emergency arise we have some backup for ourselves and family.

Take at least 20-30% of our bonus as a jumpstart in building emergency fund.

You can skip this part if you have an emergency fund. :)

3. Invest! (in yourself and money)

When I say invest, not just invest money. We should invest in ourselves about finance and investing.

We should build ourselves, increase our value by attending seminars,
reading books, reading my blogs and other blogs. smile emoticon

Then, we test the depth of the water by starting to invest, let our money work for us.

Invest in mutual funds, insurance, healthcare and stock market. 

(PS In stock investing I recommend the Truly Rich Club)

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Try to increase our cashflow by creating multiple income streams. I increase my cashflow by creating money online by teaching people how to blog and use fb for money. Check this link. Internet Money Making System

Mamuhunan tayo sa sarili natin, para madaling makapagpuhunan sa pagiinvest.
Aral muna bago invest. Lamang ang may alam.

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For your abundance
Charlon Elaurza, RCE

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