Saturday, November 21, 2015


Last October 17, we attended Truly Rich Club - Singles' Conference at the Heritage Hotel, Pasay.
It was very fantastic and rich in learnings! Speakers and mentors that came are all amazing and lively, and we learn so much from them!

With the great hosts/speakers of the conference Doc Didoy and Mayi Lubaton

Miss Mayi Lubaton, one of the club's lovely speakers and mentors, says, "Ang Stock Market Inversting ay parang LOVE."


1. It is not a feeling. It is a decision.

    When it comes to love, you must rely on your feelings alone. You also have to decide to enter into the love relationship. Just like in the Stock Market Investing, never rely on your feelings alone! Must your brain, have the basic knowledge, so you can decide.

2. Pagkakataon mo nang maging choosy.

   Yeah, right! :) Picking a stock is like choosing the best partner for you. Choose the one that you already know. Keep on searching until you find the best stock that fits you.

3. Habang tumatagal, nagkaka-interes ka!

   If it's true love, the longer your relationship reaches, the better it gets.

4. It is not a one-night-stand, it is a long term commitment.

   Simple lang. Stock market is not just an overnight success or happiness. It is more of a long term commitment. And for you to maximize the potential of gaining, continue buying stocks in the long run. Just like continuously courting the one you love for the rest of your life.

5. Maniwala kang may forever. :)
   Once you enter  the world of stock market investing, think of it for long term, for forever! :)

"Self investment has the greatest ROI potential."

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