Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila 2015

"Parents have been teaching their children to go to school, then get a good job. That's f**kin' bullsh**!"
The world-known bestselling author and motivational speaker, had come to the Philippines to give us a slap on our face - the reality that hit us hard on our face. Together with his team Masters of Wealth, Robert Kiyosaki gave a powerful talk last November 30, 2015.

I have read his famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and like most readers, I was intrigued by what he writes. But listening to his talk live is so much different from reading his books, and even from watching his videos or listening to his audios. The live event hit me harder on my face than it had me when I first read the book.
So right now, I am one of the many people who is trapped in the rat race, because I was taught to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. What I did was bullsh**??! :P
So what was the real secret of becoming rich? If school is bullsh**, then how could people achieve wealth?
Robert Kiyosaki stressed out three important keys he had on his financial freedom journey.

First, "STUDY."
Huh? Study? I thought that's b-word?!
Well, Kiyosaki had finished his college degree. But unlike most people, he did not stop learning after graduation. Most people get stuck on their job because schools don't teach about money. People never study about money, but always complain when they got financial problem.

If you want to solve your money problems, study money.
If you want to become rich, study what rich people are doing.

Find a team that want to study becoming rich, just like you. Stay away from people who are stubborn. You might just end up being like them.
"Birds of the same feathers, f*** together." Robert laughed.

Some people like to solve their money problem on their own.
"You cannot solve the problem alone using that same stupid mind that caused the problem."

Ask a team, study together.

Third, "BUILD ASSET FIRST. And the asset will pay for your Ferrari."
The reason why most people get buried on their debt is because they buy first the things they want, and knows nothing about building asses first.

Building assets take time. But once you have built it, you can have anything you want.
"Never buy Kia, that's cheap." Robert joked again. "Go have your dream car."
So what's your dream car? Study. Find a team. Build Asset. :)

For your abundance,
Founders, Filipino Abundance Mindset

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