Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to Make Millions in the Stock Market

January 23, 2016, we attended Bro. Bo Sanchez' seminar, How to Make Millions in the Stock Market. We have been following Bro. Bo for several years, and truly indeed, we learn something new in each of his talks :) Today we reminded of the basic and easy rules on how to invest in the stock market.

Rule #1:

"Invest in small amounts every month for 20 years."
What you must invest in the stock market is the money that you won't be using in the next 10 or 20 years. This must be your excess money, because the stock market might crash for some time, but in the long run, it will eventually go up. That is why Bro. Bo recommends you to build your emergency fund before you invest in the stock market. (read: Emergency Fund)

Rule #2:

"Invest even if there's crisis."
Invest whoever our President is. Invest even if there is on-going economic crisis. During this crisis, stocks went down, that means, it's midnight sale! Stocks are cheaper, and this is your best time to buy more!

Rule #3:

"Invest only in giants."
When you buy stocks from a certain company, technically you would become its partner. This is the best time you can be choosy. Choose the best of the best companies. Choose the one that is already a giant in the industry.

Rule #4:

"Invest in a lot of giants."
Diversify your investments. Choose several giant companies to partner with.

I know that life is too busy for us to spend time researching the giants that we can invest with. That is why we joined the Truly Rich Club because this made our investing easier. TRC helps us to pick the best stocks. TRC helps us to know which are the giant companies where we can buy stocks.

Currently, we are employed and working on an 8 to 5 job, but we are still able to invest in the stock market with the help of TRC. :)

On our next blog, we'll share with you the method we learned from TRC on how to invest in the stock market while we are employed. :)

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