Friday, January 15, 2016

Relationships Matter

Relationships are the greatest investment.

Our greatest investment in life is not how much we have in our investment accounts,
our car or even our home.

We spend our time and energy building our life with the people around us, especially our loved one and partners.

Relationships are tricky, there must be balance within and we see many people fall into
the same stressful and awful day after day traps.

Finances, time management, physical and mental fatigue.

In business, I met a lot of people. They are great business people and friends.
But due to time constraint, we cannot meet regularly. We did not perform at our peak.

And that is one of the lessons I learned, in building a business and people.

OUR REAL WEALTH IS LOVE, we should always put our relationships first, because it is the best
investment in the world. Our real wealth is measured by how much we love in our relationships.

If you are employed, put love and value in what we do. No matter how hard the work is, and we will be

In business, put value and love in informing the customers about our products. 
Serve first, money will follow. Put your business as a noble mission. That your service and products will greatly help a lot of people. Mission first, then commission will follow.

In family, never miss the chance to say “I love you” to a loved one. You won’t always have them around.

Commitment, value, time, and relationship.

Friend, let's build relationship.

for your abundance,

Charlon Elaurza, RCE
founder, Filipino Abundance Mindset

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